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Video Making And Editing

Nobody likes static. Nobody likes boring things. Just like we want our life to be exhilarating, we want our storytelling to be dynamic.

video making and editing

Why Use Video To Tell Your Story

Why use music videos when the song is in the audio? Why use movies when the whole script is in the book? The reason is simply to add dynamic elements that present your story through different mediums and give you a more holistic experience. So yes, reading a text might be enjoyable but being able to taste the essence through auditory and visual senses makes the experience memorable. You want to share your story in a way that excites your customers and makes them remember your business.

Dynamic Branding

Your logo could stare at you or it could wink and give you a smile. Yippee brings your logo and other brand elements to life and makes them interact dynamically with potential customers. Once we give your brand some limbs, it will walk by itself to the marketplace.

video making and editing
video making and editing

Using The Power Of Animation

Long gone are the days of running after casting crews to shoot your commercial. Utilizing the power of animation, your product can now speak to customers and promote itself. Therefore, Yippee’s animation services will not only reduce your casting costs, but your products will also have a sentimental value to people.

Video Editing

We are experts in this field due to many years of experience but creativity needs no experience. If you have pictures or video clips, and an idea, but lack the necessary technical skills, Yippee will help you put together the fragments of your vision and create a complete and cohesive story just like you imagined.

video making and editing

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Our services

As with any creative field, new and innovative ideas always come up and we are prepared for any video making and editing projects. Below are listed some of the common services that clients ask of us:

Corporate Ads
Explainer videos
Social Media Videos
Promo Videos
Branded video Content
Web Commercials
Travel Videos/ Vlogs
Customer Testimonial Videos

Having problem running the business?

Don't Worry, We've got you covered

Why Should Yippee Make Your Videos

One Stop Digital Solution

There is no doubt about our expertise- using tools like Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere Pro, and more, we create dynamic visual experiences. However, there is a better reason why you might want to work with Yippee. We don’t simply want to make a video; we want to present your story with the spotlight it needs. We have an in-depth conversation with you about the vision and goals of your business and plan the video accordingly. Let us tell your story with flamboyance!

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Client Success

When it comes to experiencing a cherished relationship with your business, we can’t seem to get enough

Michelle P. Owner

YippeeWeb helped me with a new website for my art gallery Mivanessa. I worked with Rifat and his team and they gave my website a new look and really helped me achieve my vision. They provide top notch service and their attention to detail is superb. I would recommend their web design services to anyone. Thank you YippeeWeb.

Ripple Marketing Head of Marketing

Nice communication and result - I will use them again for other web projects. Easy to deal with and very good at what they do. They increased our website traffic substantially and got our phones ringing. I Recommend them. Thank you.


Yippee Web made a portfolio website for me and it was effortlessly done. They responded very promptly to all my inquiries and feedback and were helpful and creative in coming up with design ideas.

Zach Wade

Great service and excellent communication. Will work with again. Thank you very much.

Spork Michele

Nice design work and very helpful. I was so impressed with their site very clean! I gave them the project and was very satisfied with the final output. Highly recommended!

Victoria Blinkhorn CEO

We've worked with Rifat Alam for PPC, and got a fantastic results. I highly recommend YippeeWeb to anyone who wants great PPC results.

Nathan A CEO

Rifat Alam, Thank you for your quick, professional work. You 100% satisficed our project. Due to your ability to work quickly and professionally, you caused us to be ahead of schedule. Thank you, Nathan A.

David C Owner

We have requested to have a Landing Page be built out and designed. You have successfully completed this project in a very professional manner. We look forward to continuing our relationship - Thank You.

Alman Knudsen Confidential

Rifat did an excellent job getting our clients Google Merchant products listed on Google. His turnaround was efficient and quick. Awesome

Neveric Noel Marketing

Our projected revenue is about 30% higher than it was last year. Our leads are way better because we get the leads that we want. We’re higher ranked on Google, you look us up in our service area right now we’re number one.