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Website Design & Redesign Services

While it’s essential that your website functions seamlessly, it also needs to look modern and business relevant. Yippeeweb develops and designs all websites through a rigorous testing process. In other words, we run A/B testing as a user experience research methodology.  When we work on website design or redesign for your business, we focus on user experience. What this process entails is:

  • We Test multiple design concepts at once
  • We implement changes you know will increase your conversion rates


If your website looks like it hasn’t been updated since 2000, it might be time to move away from blogger-like templates, and turn it into a competitive business tool to get into the modern age in 2020! 

Some key things that generally an intelligent website has are:

  1. Balanced and organized design elements 
  2. Holds neutral backgrounds on the website
  3. Uses relevant elements that help create an experience
  4. Effectively uses contrasting colours
  5. Uses easy to read and business relevant typography
  6. Uses quality visual content
  7. Includes social media elements
  8. Responsive and friendly to all devices
Website Design & Redesign Services

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Some of our redesign work
Before - After
Before - After
Red Button Escape -OLD Website 4.5Red Button Escape – 4.5

Having problem running the business?

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Why Should You Redesign Your Website
There are various reasons why your business website may need a redesign. Here are four of the most powerful reasons:


  • Your website doesn’t provide actual value to visitors.
  • Your website is not responsive.
  • Your website looks outdated.
  • Website Loading Speed

Did you know 49% of visitors abandon the page if it takes more than 2 seconds to load?  Moreover, 69% of users leave a website because of poor design, missing SSL, missing CTA(Call to action) button, and/or website not responsive on all devices? These features, along with various others, are the most strategic and effective parts of a modern website and our team focuses on these aspects while keeping your brand in mind, to give you a strategic advantage in the marketplace.

Website Design & Redesign Services

Our Core Speciality

With a focus on user experience, we work for the best possible user interface that embelishes your ideas while not cutting a hole in your pockets. Our services are Substantial, Simple and Stylish

Responsive and User friendly

Ensure user friendly responsiveness from various mobile devices of different screen sizes

Content Management

Content is relevant and organized coherently so that the user can understand your business goals

Website Loading Speed

Use tools such as GTmetrix to ensure the site is working effortlessly and that there are no lags.

Smooth Navigation

Make the website easy to read and use interactive links to make navigation of the site an enjoyable experience for users.

Having problem running the business?

Don't Worry, We've got you covered

eCommerce Website Redesign Services

If you are looking to redesign your eCommerce website, our process is outlined below:


  • Create a new look / design for eCommerce home page.
  • Determine a content migration plan for the Commerce store.
  • Consistently plan and update your content to keep the website fresh-looking.


Two features that have proven to work for most ecommerce sites:


  1. Make things simple: Remove clutter from the website, and provide popular CTAs and powerful website search functions. These will help drive the customers even further down their desired conversion funnel.
  2. Natural flow in your webstore: Design the website in a simple yet playful manner which provides a pleasurable experience to the user so that they keep browsing the website.
Ecommerce Website Design & Redesign Services

Client Success

When it comes to experiencing a cherished relationship with your business, we can’t seem to get enough

Michelle P. Owner

YippeeWeb helped me with a new website for my art gallery Mivanessa. I worked with Rifat and his team and they gave my website a new look and really helped me achieve my vision. They provide top notch service and their attention to detail is superb. I would recommend their web design services to anyone. Thank you YippeeWeb.

Ripple Marketing Head of Marketing

Nice communication and result - I will use them again for other web projects. Easy to deal with and very good at what they do. They increased our website traffic substantially and got our phones ringing. I Recommend them. Thank you.


Yippee Web made a portfolio website for me and it was effortlessly done. They responded very promptly to all my inquiries and feedback and were helpful and creative in coming up with design ideas.

Zach Wade

Great service and excellent communication. Will work with again. Thank you very much.

Spork Michele

Nice design work and very helpful. I was so impressed with their site very clean! I gave them the project and was very satisfied with the final output. Highly recommended!

Victoria Blinkhorn CEO

We've worked with Rifat Alam for PPC, and got a fantastic results. I highly recommend YippeeWeb to anyone who wants great PPC results.

Nathan A CEO

Rifat Alam, Thank you for your quick, professional work. You 100% satisficed our project. Due to your ability to work quickly and professionally, you caused us to be ahead of schedule. Thank you, Nathan A.

David C Owner

We have requested to have a Landing Page be built out and designed. You have successfully completed this project in a very professional manner. We look forward to continuing our relationship - Thank You.

Alman Knudsen Confidential

Rifat did an excellent job getting our clients Google Merchant products listed on Google. His turnaround was efficient and quick. Awesome

Neveric Noel Marketing

Our projected revenue is about 30% higher than it was last year. Our leads are way better because we get the leads that we want. We’re higher ranked on Google, you look us up in our service area right now we’re number one.