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5 Reasons You Need Your Website Redesign (But Are Still Ignoring)

If your website is functionally sound, why bother to redesign it?


In 2022, your most important tool is a user’s first impression of your business website. 


Redesigning a website creates better user engagement chances. Eventually, your website is the primary source for lead and revenue generation for your business. Thus it is very much significant to always keep it updated.


The targeted audience always looks for refreshing and eye-pleasing content. A website designed to keep users engaged will generate satisfaction within them which propels further sale. However, if your website fails to create such an impact, then, believe me, the audience takes no moment to leave your website.

1. Better User Experience

Visual design is the real face of your brand. It’s what people see, and that directly influences how customers and clients think of your company. However, you can’t have a visual design without a plan. Before even starting to design your website, you need to have all your content in place and envision what you perceive your business to be and how you want others to view it. Once you establish the spirit of your business, the whole design process will circle around expressing those visions in the most vivid way possible. Websites that do not follow these simple UI/UX protocols tend to be very informational with immense amounts of words, and still very little about the business gets communicated to the user. It is almost like an old book that is lying on the shelf and nobody touches it. Therefore, if you want your business to grow in 2022, you need to make your website a living and beautiful expression of your business.

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2. Check if It Is Mobile Responsive Website

Ever since the pandemic, every business is now online. Most of your visitors are driven from mobile phones, so you are losing on a lot of potential customers if your web site is not mobile-friendly.


Mobile responsive means alignment of the site will respond according to the display size of the phone. Otherwise, one will not be able to view a full-width website in a single screen and would need to scroll back and forth.


So to make it eye-catching and user-friendly, a site should always be mobile responsive. You will acknowledge the grave importance of mobile responsiveness when you realize that even you, just like everyone else, do a lot of browsing from your smartphone. It is critical to have a mobile and tablet-friendly website to catch and convert a huge amount of traffic that visits your website on the go.

3. Website Speed and Functionality

Remember we live in a fast-paced world and the majority of online users use their mobile phones for pretty much anything now. Your Business website should load in a couple of seconds on all devices, otherwise, it might be considered too slow. When your website loads effortlessly, communicating with the users becomes very efficient and naturally more of your products and services are sold. Moreover, make sure that all the content of your website is displayed the right way and all functionality is working properly. A website that doesn’t function properly will definitely lose you visitors and revenue.


A few fundamental problems for your website might be broken links, obsolete deals, or a format that’s not designed for a modern browser. Your website working poorly due to these is not only frustrating, but also makes it an ineffective tool for your company.


Your website may not be broken at this level, but areas of your website may be dated and need to be redesigned. For instance, you may not have updated for the new browsers, or you may have links to old website pages that no longer exist and are not redirected adequately. Such problems may seem insignificant, but they play a major role in the overall effectiveness of your website.

4. Your Identity Has Been Redundant

The branding of your company needs to be consistent with your website, similar to your marketing goals.

If you’ve just had a rebrand, you’re going to want to update your page to reflect those changes.

If you refresh your website, note that a rebrand is not just about your logo and colors; it also includes the content and terminology used on your website. You don’t want people to land on a page that portrays something other than your business. When your website becomes a living and breathing expression of your brand, then the purpose of your website is fulfilled.

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5. You Have Outdated Third-Party Tools on Your Business Website

Most websites today feature tools from third parties that give us the ability to add new features to our websites (very common on the WordPress site). Some of the popular tools include plugins for eCommerce, scripts for embedding feeds for social media, and popups for exit-intent. Being able to implement these tools smoothly in your website greatly enhances its performance.


However, just having numerous irrelevant tools on your website is not effective either.

While these tools add value to your site, they may become outdated over time to the standards of today and end up doing more harm than good. Therefore, it is crucial to update the website so that it only uses the tools it needs, keeping it clean and fast.


Hopefully, now you understand the importance of redesigning your website. Just like your business needs to grow, your website also needs to grow to keep up with the marketplace.

If you’re wondering whether your website lives up to these requirements, Yippee Web offers UI and UX audits, completely free of charge.

Making sure your website developer is familiar with and apt at using more than one CMS is a good start when choosing between various web design companies. Ask for examples of their work and have some questions prepared to help you ascertain their dedication to serving your NEEDS instead of trying to alter your requirements to suit their experience.

At YippeeWeb, our approach is always to determine the goal and requirements, research the available software solutions, and develop our plan with you on board, before starting to program the website. We seek to guide you in the right direction with our expertise so as to save you development time and help avoid blowing your budget. Our success depends on you getting an extremely capable system and the very best value for money. We care about you as we care about ourselves; if you grow, then we grow too through portfolio and Referrals. Only by caring for each other can we develop a sustainable relationship that benefits both parties. Give us a call today if you’re still feeling a little unsure about the options or just want a little bit of help deciding.